Camping Registration


If you do not see your campsite or parking area listed –
please enter that info in the “Questions, Comments, Extra Information” Section.


Hikers must be off trail and at their designated campsite by dark.

North Chick and Laurel Snow gates are locked from 7pm until morning.



BackCountry camping on the Cumberland Trail is currently free.

Suggested donation is $5 per person.

All donations help to maintain the Cumberland Trail and the campsites.


If you register to camp at Laurel Snow, you have to be inside Laurel Snow before 7 pm EST or dark!  THERE IS NO HIKING IN TO CAMPSITE AFTER DARK.


Laurel Snow State Natural Area back country camping will be managed by Tennessee State Parks. Campsite Reservations | Cumberland Trail State Park, TN ( beginning July 1, 2024.  You must reserve a spot to camp.  This will require a reservation & fee for back country camping in designated camping areas.  Until that time-send your camping information to (name, number in camping party, campsite, vehicle make and model & tag number)

Devils Racetrack to Eagle Bluff Trail is currently closed.







The Cumberland Trail park rangers ask your cooperation in registering your vehicle if you plan to use overnight parking accommodations while enjoying the trail. Simply complete and submit the form below in advance of your excursion.

If another vehicle is parked at a second trailhead destination, please fill out and submit a separate form. Please provide registration as soon as possible prior to your trip.

Frozen Head SP - Bird Mountain Register Here: Bird Mountain - Backcountry Campsite
*For help locating campsites & parking areas, visit our interactive map at this link: Cumberland Trail Online Map.
Enter n/a if you will not be leaving a vehicle overnight.
Enter n/a if you will not be leaving a vehicle overnight.

Be sure to check current trail conditions as you are making plans, to be sure that trail areas are open & accessible. View all here:

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